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Our Purpose & Story

“We don’t just care about traffic, we care about your LEADS!”

We are like your overly attached Mom, we are going to nag about it all the time. But before you roll your eyes at us, let’s get to know each other, shall we?

We often get this question…

“Why are you giving up on multi-million dollar tenders to focus on SMEs? Isn’t it harder to earn money?”

Fair enough, in response we would share this story.

Love-Hate Relationship between Big Accounts

When we sold our first startup, Hardware Zone, we leveraged on our expertise in building online traffic to land big time advertisers such as Nikon, Toshiba and Nestle as our key accounts. Fortune 100 companies engaged us for SEM, SEO, Social Media and Analytics Consulting.

Our company was growing almost 300% year on year for the first few years. Yeah, it was good money. 🙂

Along the way, we realised that such accounts merely engaged us to chase after metrics and traffic.

“Help me to grow my Facebook likes.”

Alright, so we asked what was their target audience on Facebook.

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter. Just give me the numbers. ”

Turns out, they just wanted to have something to report to their bosses and… the actual business outcomes didn’t matter! As long as it looked like the website was doing well and growing, the marketing managers get their promotions and we can pang gang early (Singlish for end work).

But the truth is, traffic and likes aren’t enough.

Unless they can be accounted to give you more customers and bottom line returns, they are just meaningless vanity metrics.

It was frustrating to constantly have our advice fall on deaf ears. But each month, we reconciled emotionally with the retainer fees that were paying for our bonus.


SME Owner: Can you help us with digital marketing?

The turning point came when a long-time friend who runs an SME sought our help. He brought to light a common problem faced by many SMEs.

“I revamped my website four times and paid $12,000 to two other agencies to try out SEM and SEO, but I did not see any tangible outcomes.”

It was then that we realised that the agencies were selling him clicks and keyword rankings that couldn’t help in getting him the leads he deserved.

Like our friend, many SME owners blindly take their chances with digital marketing – only to end up scarred by their bad experiences with other agencies, or by their own mistakes when trying to D.I.Y.

We got sick of seeing good money go down the drain with bad marketing.

Furthermore, unlike our larger accounts, SMEs who see tangible results are the ones who will value our services the most! So in early 2014, we decided to take the plunge to move away from our cushy big accounts to focus on helping SMEs.

But, which Digital Marketing Agency should you be working with?

A quick Google search for “digital marketing agency” would bring you close to two million results. At last count, there are over 300 digital agencies in Singapore.

“All these agencies seem to be offering similar services!”

You find yourself listening to similar pitches from different agencies.

“I have limited funds, so this is probably my only shot at digital marketing. Which one do I bet my time and money on?”

If they are all the same, then go with the cheapest right? So, all in.

That is a mistake many SME owners make, they just blindly bet on agencies based on price without considering their experience and ability to offer a sound strategy.

In short, does this sound like you?

  • You know you need to beef up your online presence to make your business successful.
  • But you struggle to create a marketing plan that works.
  • And you have no time to stay up to date with the digital marketplace.

We totally understand.

But we tell you what you can’t find here – An agency to just follow your instructions like a yes-man.

Digital marketing is done right when the campaign is self-sustaining and generates monthly leads. Really? Is that even possible?

YES. But to achieve that, you need someone who challenges you on your business model and marketing assumptions, not one who simply says “YES! We can definitely run your SEM at X% fees!”.

By fusing a digital marketing practitioner’s expertise and your understanding of your business, you ultimately save precious time and money.

“But how do I know if I can trust this person?”

That’s true, anybody can offer you their opinion. A freshly minted university graduate with a marketing degree can do it, and so can your mom!

Logically, you want someone credible to offer their opinion. Credibility comes with rich experience in digital marketing and case studies from happy clients.

You don’t have to pour your money into campaigns that don’t work anymore. Jumpstart your marketing by leveraging on our 20 years of digital experience from serving our many clients.

What are you in for?

You get to work with experts who will brainstorm with you, evaluate your ideas and challenge your assumptions to create a digital marketing plan that is tailored specially for you.

A team of UX designers, Analysts, Copywriters, and Strategists will work together to transform your idea into a single sales page brimming with the persuasiveness and knowledge of your top salesperson. And the best part is, this salesperson never sleeps!

You will have attractive advertisements on Google and Facebook to bring people who are interested in your product to your page.

And… BOOM!

Marketing plan + Sales page + Online ads = Constant flow of leads!

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Jackie Lee
CEO, clickTRUE


We’ve been fortunate to have outstanding clients, many of whom we’ve become close friends with. We’ve also grown tremendously as a result of being entrepreneurs, and take pride in the work we’ve done. It’s been a satisfying ride so far.

Our Corporate Philosophy


We believe helping people buy is the best way to sell. We want to help build a better customer experience while making digital marketing less painful, uncomplicated and sustainable.


Develop an always be learning culture to become a more useful, helpful and holistic preferred marketing partner. Continuously seeking improvements to deliver TRUE value for our customers in an agile inbound way. Standardize for consistency. Contextualize for relevance. Optimize for clarity. Personalize for impact. Empathize for perspective.


People don’t want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople. They want to be helped. Every day, actively investing in developing evergreen content that keeps contributing to traffic growth, building a brand and eventually generating sales — in short, guiding customers on marketing the Inbound way.